Free credit card: Find the best credit card!

A free credit card offers optimal financial independence today. In order to provide you with the best possible information, we have worked out a free credit card comparison for a good overview with our financial editors and experienced experts. If you would also like to read more about the topic or are interested in specific aspects, you can find a comprehensive guide under the comparison. Find the best free credit card for you now and apply for it directly online!


The best free credit card at a glance

credit card at a glance

  • No annual fee
  • Free partner card
  • No costs for cash orders
  • Often part of free checking accounts
  • Available with special additional services

The small plastic cards have become an integral part of our wallets. Whether in the supermarket, at a gas station or in a restaurant, cashless payment is practical. If you have a lot to do with car rental companies, you know that the deposit can almost only be made by credit card. Of the many advantages that credit cards offer us, the fact that there are also free credit cards is the icing on the cake.


Cards with annual fees are “out”

credit Cards with annual fees are "out"

The branch banks and savings banks firmly adhere to their strategy of only issuing the cards available from them for a fee. The question is how long will the species of customers who are willing to do so remain there? The Internet generation has learned to look at each provider before making a purchase decision, which provider has the cheapest offer. A credit card comparison shows that the number of free credit cards in the check has increased significantly.

These are not just cards that otherwise do not offer any additional services. Free cash withdrawals abroad are just as special as collecting bonus points. The fee-based cards of the branch institutes offer no added value for the Classic cards and Gold cards – they only cost. This inevitably means that golden credit cards are now also available free of charge. They have had their day as a status symbol.


Is there a free credit card on a credit basis?

credit card on a credit basis?

Since the issuers generate part of their income through the interest on installments of the open balance, you can issue credit cards free of charge. This source of income does not apply to prepaid credit cards. For this reason, credit cards on a credit basis are not available. The annual fees for prepaid cards are very different, however, a comparison is essential.


The four most important criteria for a free credit card

credit card

  • The annual fee must be waived permanently, not only in the first year.
  • Free cash disposals should be possible in unlimited numbers, at least outside of Germany.
  • A free credit card for the partner is desirable as part of an account package.
  • Additional services, such as discount programs, have a positive impact.


Apply for a free credit card

Apply for a free credit card

Did you find what you were looking for in the free credit card check and would you like to take advantage of a free credit card?

The application is made via the provider’s homepage. If the application is made as part of the post-identification process, the application forms must first be completed and then printed out. You then send this to the credit card issuer by post. For this it is necessary that you visit a post office and present a valid ID card or passport with confirmation of residence. A driver’s license is not permitted as an identification document due to a lack of residence information. You will then receive the credit card by post. The PIN number will be sent to you in separate mail. Alternatively, you can choose the PIN yourself when applying. In this case, the delivery is omitted.

If the issuer offers the video identification process, there is no need to go to the post office. You also need a valid ID document. In addition, a computer with a camera and voice function is required. Activate a video chat via the homepage of the page. An employee of the credit card company photographs the front and back of the ID. To confirm the authenticity of the document, you have to wiggle it in front of the camera so that the hologram is visible. At the end of the process you will receive a TAN with which you can confirm the application process.


The free credit card check – the following criteria are important

The free credit card check - the following criteria are important

The number of free credit card offers is continuously increasing. A free credit card comparison is therefore essential. What should you look for in a toll-free credit card to apply for the best free credit card?

First of all, the exemption from fees must be permanent. Lure offers with the first year free of charge are not included in the check. Even with a free credit card, it is possible to repay the open balance in installments. Since the credit card issuers charge interest in this case, a comparison is worthwhile when the interest accrues and in what amount.

The topic of interest also plays a role in cash disposals. In the case of cash advances, some issuers do not only calculate the interest from the date of the invoice for the past month, but from the day on which the credit card was used to withdraw money. Here, too, the level of interest is decisive, although this case can easily be avoided. Who knows that he will withdraw money, simply transfers the corresponding amount to the credit card account in advance of the cash order.

Many toll-free credit cards offer free cash withdrawals worldwide. With a transfer to the credit card account before departure, there are definitely no further costs.

A plus with a free credit card is the participation in a discount system. This enables cardholders to save twice – on the one hand with the card fee and on the other hand with discount credits for every purchase.

If a bank provides a free credit card as part of a free current account, it is of course desirable that a free credit card for the partner is also part of the account package.